Integrate your Rapidshare account onto Windows


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RapidDrive is a tool that lets you easily integrate the Rapidshare file download service onto your computer, allowing you to use your account as if it was simply one more hard drive on your computer which you'll be able to access from your Windows explorer.

Once the program is installed it'll appear next to your hard drives with all of the functions a real hard drive would typically include. Basically, you'll be able to go inside it, store files and folders, and even remove documents and transfer them onto another hard drive.

The main difference is that all this content won’t really be on your hard drive, but rather on the Rapidshare account, from which you'll be able to easily download all your files or share them with other users using the corresponding link.

The application includes an easy to use upload and download manager with which carrying out all the operations will be incredibly easy.

RapidDrive is a very useful tool that'll make storing files on the cloud easier than ever. If you have a Rapishare premium account you'll also benefit from many other advantages.
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